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Hi, I’m Sophie

Hi, my name is Sophie Buckley, I’m an AS student studying Computing, Maths, Physics and Chemistry who’s interested in programming, games, art and reading. I’m also the latest in a line of privileged ScraperWiki interns and although my time here has been tragically short, the ScraperWiki team have done an amazing job in making every […]

Hi, I’m Steve

Hi, I’m Steve and I’m the most recent addition to ScraperWiki’s burgeoning intern ranks. So, how exactly did I end up here? Looking at ScraperWiki’s team page, you can see that scientists working here is a common theme.┬áI’m no different in that regard. Until┬árecently, I was working as a university scientific researcher (looking at new […]

Hello, I’m Ed

Last week, Pete wrote his welcome post announcing he was the new guy. Not strictly true as I am the real new guy! Actually, Pete and I started on the same day and there are two other new starters you will be hearing about soon, so we are both old news! Unlike some of the […]

Hi, I’m Peter

.. and I’m the new guy. I’ve just completed my PhD in particle physics on the ATLAS experiment at CERN. I loved the physics (because “searching for extra dimensions of space” sounds so cool!) but after 8 years I decided I wanted to do something different. At heart, I’m a programmer and a hacker who […]

Hi, I’m Matthew Hughes

Hello! My name is Matthew Hughes, and I am Scraperwiki’s newest intern, where I will be working predominantly on product and tools alongside the likes of Chris Blower and David Jones. Currently, I’m reading Computing at Liverpool Hope University, where I am about to enter my second year of study. When I’m not hammering out […]

Hi, I’m Paul

Hi! I’m the latest member of ScraperWiki, joining the Data Science team this week. Data Science is a fascinating new direction for me, being “officially” an Electronic Engineer. I’ve spent the last couple of years in a large company hammering out fast C++ and trying (unsuccessfully) to convert everyone to Python. But what really excites […]

I am Ian, Ian I am*

I have an 8 year itch: I spent the first 8 years of my career as an academic ending up a lecturer in physics at UMIST. Then I was a research scientist at a large “fast moving consumer goods” company for another 8 years. On Monday I started work at ScraperWiki as Senior Data Scientist, […]

How do? I’m Zach.

So, a few years ago, I tended to spend my working time explaining emerging tech ideas (generally around Linked Data, Open Data, and APIs) for a UK-based Semantic Web company called Talis. I helped people tell stories, edited an industry magazine, blogged, podcasted and hosted events. Over time, I found the role evolving naturally into […]