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We’re hiring! Technical Architect

We’ve lots of interesting projects on – with clients like the United Nations and the Cabinet Office, and with our own work building products such as Currently we’re after a Technical Architect, full details on our jobs page. We’re a small company, so roles depend on individual people. Get in touch if something doesn’t […]

ScraperWiki needs you!

Are you excited by data? Are you impatient to download and explore new datasets? If you answered yes, to either of these questions then you might be interested in a new data scientist position which has arisen here at ScraperWiki. Don’t worry if you’ve never described yourself as a data scientist, we’re looking for people […]

What’s a CTO actually do? (and a job advert)

It can be hard to tell what somebody else’s job actually is. If you’ve never done it, you don’t know what really matters. Job adverts with bulleted lists of skills give some indication, yet somehow don’t get to the heart of it. The language really matters, writing it clearly, describing tasks in a concrete way. […]

Job: Product Marketing Manager

Our new platform and associated data science services are going well, so we’re hiring an ambitious marketeer to help us communicate better what we’re doing. Full job advert and how to apply here It’s our first full time marketing role, so since we’re a start up it needs to be someone quite versatile. It’s also a great […]

Internships – coding and data science

The last two summers, we had a really good intern (Aidan Hobson Sayers – thanks for finding him for us, John!). We’d like to do it again this year. We’ve opportunities in three areas, depending on your skills and interests. Platform team – CoffeeScript, Backbone, Unix. We use Extreme Programming. Data science team – Python, R. Scraping, […]

Careers in Computing

I realise the whole world isn’t inspired by the same things I am, and that’s fair enough. However, on Wednesday, I had the privilege of being invited to share some of my inspiration with a bunch of teenagers at the Liverpool John Moores University career day. I was asked to talk to year-10 students (14-15 […]

Job: Turn data into business!

Data has been used for business for centuries. For example, I came across this detailed book of tables made over 500 years ago in India. It’s the revenue in copper coins from the spring and autumn harvests. The book covers many commodities, including sugarcane, indigo, hemp, poppies, cotton, pulses, rice and melons. How they analysed […]

Nurture community! A job at ScraperWiki

ScraperWiki has always been about community. The openness of making data do things, together. Things that matter, that lots of people care about. We’re pleased to announce that we’re hiring a full time Community Manager. If you’re interested in data scientists, in the people who really make this “big data” thing work, coding away in […]

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