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My time at the Autocloud

The global CADCAM behemoth known as Autodesk hoovers up another small company every two weeks — a process unlikely to diminish following a $750million bond issue last month. (Well, what else are they going to do with that money?) It was only a matter of time before this happened to me on account of my […]

On-line directory tree webscraping

As you surf around the internet — particularly in the old days — you may have seen web-pages like this: or this: The former image is generated by Apache SVN server, and the latter is the plain directory view generated for UserDir on Apache. In both cases you have a very primitive page that allows […]

Three hundred thousand tonnes of gold

On 2 July 2012, the US Government debt to the penny was quoted at $15,888,741,858,820.66. So I wrote this scraper to read the daily US government debt for every day back to 1996. Unfortunately such a large number overflows the double precision floating point notation in the database, and this same number gets expressed as […]

5 yr old goes ‘potty’ at Devon and Somerset Fire Service (Emergencies and Data Driven Stories)

It’s 9:54am in Torquay on a Wednesday morning: One appliance from Torquays fire station was mobilised to reports of a child with a potty seat stuck on its head. On arrival an undistressed two year old female was discovered with a toilet seat stuck on her head. Crews used vaseline and the finger kit to remove the […]

Fine set of graphs at the Office of National Statistics

It’s difficult to keep up. I’ve just noticed a set of interesting interactive graphs over at the Office of National Statistics (UK). If the world is about people, then the most fundamental dataset of all must be: Where are the people? And: What stage of life are they living through? A Population Pyramid is a […]

The Data Hob

Keeping with the baking metaphor, a hob is a projection or shelf at the back or side of a fireplace used for keeping food warm. The central part of a wheel into which the spokes are inserted looks kind of like a hob, and is called the hub (etymology). Lately there has been a move […]

Big fat aspx pages for thin data

My work is more with the practice of webscraping, and less in the high-faluting business plans and product-market-fit leaning agility. At the end of the day, someone must have done some actual webscraping — and the harder it is the better. During the final hours of the Columbia University hack day, I got to work […]

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