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npm install urchin

Urchin, the shell testing framework for extreme hipster superheroes (I’m not including myself in that group I should add), is now available as an npm package. That means you can install it using npm: sudo npm install -g urchin If you’re not hipster enough to use npm then you can still wget it from github: […]

A sea of data

My friend Simon Holgate of Sea Level Research has recently “cursed” me by introducing me to tides and sea-level data. Now I’m hooked. Why are tides interesting? When you’re trying to navigate a super-tanker into San Francisco Bay and you only have few centimetres of clearance, whether the tide is in or out could be […]

So web scraping is easy?

Journalists, academics and budding open data hackers often praise ScraperWiki for making web scraping easy. And while it’s true our platform and powerful APIs let you get more done, more easily, the statement still creates some head-scratching at ScraperWiki HQ. That’s because, as far as we can tell, scraping is hard, no matter what platform […]